'Jersey Shore' Recap: Mike Finally Apologizes to Snooki but It's Unclear for What

SnookiWith just two more episodes to go, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino finally apologized to Snooki on tonight's episode of Jersey Shore. Their feud has been going on for more than a year now, and has shown no sign of slowing down this season. In fact, at Snooki's baby shower, she wouldn't even look him in the eye or answer a direct question he asked her. To quote the buzzword of the day: AWKWARD.

So after Vinny set things right with Jionni, Mike woke the next morning and decided that at last he was ready to apologize to Snooki. He almost sounded sincere. "I’m sorry the way that things went down," he told her. "I’m sorry I ruined our relationship." And when they started talking about how they were the same person, it was kind of touching.


Snooki was hesitant and told him how much he hurt her. In the end she did say she forgave him, but she was still distant. There was no big hug, but rather a high-five. "You awkward man, you," she told him. Still she accepted.

So all was looking up, and once Snooks was cool with Mike, then Vinny, Ron, and Pauly D wanted to take Jionni out for a night on the town ... and grill him. They're very protective of Snooki, which is cute, if not awkward, seeing as how almost half of the guys there had slept with his fiance. But it all went pretty well.

There was one little comment Mike made, however, that pretty much negated his apology to Snooki. When Jionni made a little jab about his past sh*t talking, Mike got defensive. "I wasn’t shit talking, I was being honest," he told Jionni. And of course by being honest he means that he's holding firm in his stance that he hooked up with Nicole while she was dating Jionni. Which Nicole denies, and is why she has been pissed at him.

So uh, exactly what was he sorry for? Nothing. He just wanted to smooth things over because he hates being a pariah and probably wants a wedding invite. Jionni didn't react much to that statement I think because he was overwhelmed being there with all of the guys, but I think when he (and Nicole) stops to think about it, they're going to be pissed. Mike's smug reaction to being included in the bachelor party was even more indication of his true intentions. So yeah, nice try with the apology, but you have to actually be sorry for something for it to count.

Did you think Mike's apology was sincere?


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