Glenn Beck & Vince Vaughn Launch Reality TV Show: YESSS!!!

glenn beckSo Glenn Beck, Vince Vaughn, and A Christmas Story creator Peter Billingsley are getting together to make us a new reality TV show: The Pursuit of Truth. Of course it's called that, because Loopy-Ass Conspiracy Theory of the Day doesn't quite capture the whole scope of what they're aiming for here.

No, this is a reality TV show in search of "the next great documentary filmmaker." Pursuit of Truth will air on Glenn Beck's new network, TheBlazeTV, and will feature documentaries submitted for Glenn, Vince, and Peter's consideration for greatness. And if it seems like I'm having a hard time taking this whole thing seriously, it's because did you not see? Glenn Beck and Vince Vaughn. Anyway, here's what they have in mind.


Glenn Beck wants to see stuff that just isn't done. "And done right. And done without conspiracy. I'd love to see something on the Federal Reserve, the game that's being played there. I would love to see something on why capitalism is actually a good thing, why it's not a bad thing." The Federal Reserve! Yes, that definitely makes for Must-See TV! Great thinking, Glenn. Let's workshop that and see what we come up with.

Here's what I'm picturing: Glenn pitching boring story ideas and Vince and Peter, with their keener pop sensibility, nixing them all and steering him into a completely different direction. Like for example ...

Glenn: Let's do an expose on City University of New York professor Frances Fox Piven! I hate her!

Vince and Peter: Yeah ... she's that anti-poverty lady, right? How about instead Our Top 10 Foxy Liberals We Hate -- we'll get close-ups of them at the beach and expose their cellulite! And then we'll have some out-of-context quotes that make them look real bad. 

Glenn: We need to make people see why Woodrow Wilson is basically Adolf Hitler!

Vince and Peter: Yeah ... Hitler plays well. How about a bunch of out-of-context quotes that make him look real bad? 

Glenn: Let's really dig deep into Israel and how a two-state solution will bring on all the forces of evil in the world and -- 

Vince and Peter: The Ten Commandments! People love that movie. We should just air it on our show when we don't have any ideas. Why do they ONLY air it at Easter? Is that another liberal conspiracy? 

Glenn: ACORN!

Vince and Peter: Cooking competition with nuts! Do we have a conservative celebrity chef?

And you can see where it's going to go from there. Yup, the more I think about it, the more excited I am to see Pursuit of Truth. I think it's going to be loads of fun.

What do you think about Glenn Beck, Vince Vaughn, and Peter Billingsley's new reality show?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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