'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Bashes Rihanna, a Celeb With Actual Talent

farrah abrahamFarrah Abraham, a woman famous for getting pregnant as a teenager, has gone and bashed a legitimate celebrity. Rihanna. I know. The nerve. During the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the Teen Mom star took to everybody's favorite vessel for talking crap, Twitter, to make some low-blows at the pop star and her performance at the show. I mean, Rihanna may not be your favorite celeb in the world, but she is famous for having a legitimate talent. Farrah? Not so much. And it wouldn't have even been that big of a deal -- people talk smack online constantly -- but what Farrah said was bad.


Farrah's tweet read: "Downer Rihanna singing @#VSFashionshow that just made the show cheaper, why isn't she wearing diamonds?"

"Downer"? "Cheap"? Jeez, Farrah, what did Rihanna ever do to you? Nothing. Which is exactly why this tweet is suspicious to me ...

See, a way for celebrities who aren't really famous (Real Housewives, Bachelor contestants, Jersey Shore castmembers) to stay in the media is to trash other celebrities -- usually via Twitter. Everyone loves controversy, right? And you'd be hard-pressed to find a better celeb to bash on twitter than Rihanna since she pretty much always tweets back -- even to random people.

Rihanna hasn't tweeted back to Farrah, though, so if that was her intention, looks like it backfired. And if it wasn't -- well, Farrah, that was just mean.

Do you think Farrah was bashing Rihanna to get publicity?

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