Kristin Cavallari Ruins Reality TV With Revelations About 'The Hills'

Kristin CavallariIt has been more than two years now since MTV pulled the plug on The Hills, and I'm still mourning the loss of the show. It so beautifully/horrifyingly wove together all of the outrageous drama and tangled webs of friendship and love into one gripping half hour of drama each week. It was reality TV at its finest ... only it wasn't exactly real.

We suspected it, and as much as we didn't want to believe it, the epic ending pretty much flat out told us it was all a sham. It was shocking and obvious all at the same time, and made us really question all of our favorite reality shows. But time went on, and we sort of forgot all about that ... until now when Kristin Cavallari has to go reminding us all over again. 

Last night on Watch What Happens, she told Andy Cohen just how fake her role on the show was and how she had "fake relationships" and "fake fights." Fake. Fake. Fake.


"But it was fun, 'cause you're acting. And that was more fun for me," she said. Well, I'm glad it was fun for someone.

For example, remember when she made out with Justin Bobby? "I think I made out with him once and that took a lot of convincing, she said. "Finally I was like, 'All right, I'll just do it!'"

La La La La La -- these things I do not want to know. If The Hills was scripted, then what about The Real Housewives, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and The Shahs of Sunset, and ... dammit, I like my reality TV, and I hate having to guess if each and every bit of drama is real or not. As unbelievable as their behavior is, I want to believe it's really happening. Of course I know on some level it can't all possibly go down like it does, but I don't care to hear it so bluntly from a reliable source like this.

Kristin did at least say at least some of the drama was real. Specifically -- the bad blood between her and her co-star Lauren Conrad. When Andy asked if her "distaste" for Lauren was fake, she gave an emphatic, "No!" She did, however, even blame producers for that to a degree.

"I feel like they put things in our heads," she said. "We were 17 and 18, and they made it a lot worse than it was."

And she just made my reality TV viewing a little worse.

How scripted do you think most reality TV shows are? Do you want to believe they're real?


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