I Was a Roller Derby Queen! (VIDEO)

Roller Derby

I've now taken 36 dares for "I'll Take That Dare," and this week's dare goes down as the roughest, toughest one yet.

Being a roller derby queen is MUCH harder than it looks.

Click through to see the video, then tell me in the comments whether you'd try out for a roller derby team!



All I can tell you is that when I got home that day, I literally felt like I had been beaten up -- and that was pretty much the truth.

These girls were ROUGH!

Despite the difficulties, roller derby was really fun, and it would be tempting to start training with the team. Real tryouts require months (not hours!) of training beforehand. There's only one problem.

I haven't got time for the pain.

As fun as roller derby can be, there were a lot of injuries among this group. The thought of breaking a bone or spraining my back is going to keep me off the concrete. It's not that I'm afraid of the pain -- I'm afraid of not being able to take care of my kids!

If I were still single and in my 20s, though, I'd TOTALLY want to be a roller derby queen in my spare time!

How about you?

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