'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jo Is Being a Bigger Baby Than Isaac

Kailyn One of the hallmarks of any Teen Mom 2 episode is drama, and most of the time, it involves some kind of custody situation. This episode was no different in that regard. This time it was Kailyn and Jo's turn to battle it out over baby Isaac and who gets more time with him.

Of course, Kailyn and Jo weren't the only ones squabbling. Adam and Chelsea continued their on-again, off-again drama with this being an "off" week. All this while Chelsea was ALSO trying to pass her GRE test. Lucky for her, she did, but it seemed maybe touch and go for a bit.

Jenelle brought her usual drama with her mother who had refused to bail her out of jail last week. A friend came through, but Jenelle was FULL of anger and took it out on Barbara full force. Of course, as usual, it was Jace who paid the price as he was left to wail for his mommy. Sigh.


Finally there was Leah. This week was the first we have had a chance to meet Jeremy, the man we all know will become her husband and the father of her third baby. Hopefully this will work out better than Corey, but at least Corey and Leah appear to be trying to be amicable for their girls, right?

Sadly they are the only ones. Jo made no apologies for his "I get Isaac every weekend" stance, which, really, after I realized the truth, makes no sense. What father gets his kid EVERY weekend, especially, as Kailyn pointed out, when he goes out and leaves him with the grandparents? How is that fair?

Answer: It's not.

Jo was being really immature in this episode. At first glance, it seemed like Kailyn was in the wrong, but she had given Jo every weekend with her son. Can you even imagine? Weekends are when we go to amusement parks, sleep in and cuddle in the morning, watch cartoons, and go to brunch. Kailyn would never have had any of that with her baby son. That's not fair in the least. That's horribly unfair, in fact.

So why was Jo being so hard on Kailyn? He was lucky he'd had as many weekends as he had! To me, it seems like Jo often gives Kailyn a hard time just because he can. He knows how nervous she gets and he seems to love to torment her. Even last year after they slept together, he acted like a complete jerk. Maybe he is still getting her back for the way she once treated him, but no matter what the reason, he is being terribly immature and it isn't good for the former couple's son. I hope at some point he gets his head on straight and stops tormenting Kailyn.

As far as I can tell, she is in the right here and Jo is being one big crybaby.

Who do you think is right in this fight?


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