'Walking Dead': Major Spoilers About This Season's Creepiest Character (VIDEO)

IThe Governor wasn't entirely on board when I first heard that David Morrisey had been cast as the Governor in The Walking Dead -- although the show has consistently played fast and loose with the original comics material, the Governor is such an important, villainous character, it was hard to visualize Morrisey's blandly handsome face instead of the Danny Trejo-like appearance he had in the comics. Now that we're nearing the midseason finale, however, I think it's safe to say Morrisey has done an amazing job so far, and I like the fact that we get different views of his character. He can be charming (just ask Andrea!), and he can be utterly sinister.

As we move toward the inevitable confrontation between Rick and the Governor, which looks like it will start to take place next Sunday, I've got a roundup of teasers about what might be happening with season 3's biggest bad guy. Don't keep reading unless you're willing to venture into spoiler territory!


Next Sunday's episode is titled "Made to Suffer." Ah, so it won't be a feel-good show where everyone gets along? You don't say. Morrisey's comment about the upcoming showdown between the Governor and Rick sounds nearly as foreboding as something the actual Governor would say:

They're two leaders of different communities, and they have to make a decision about how to exist in this world together. They're quite close, these communities. And when you've got noisy neighbors, you've got to sort it out — and there's a sense of that, how one decides in this world to deal with your noisy neighbor. (...) Lots of different relationships within those two communities explode and implode in the next episode. It plays out in a surprising way.

The show may follow some of the comics' storylines (or it may not. Duh). Showrunner Glenn Mazarra did his best to weasel around a few specific questions about the big moments from the comics, like whether or not the Governor will cut off Rick's hand:

Everything is game; there are a lot of powerful scenes from Robert's book and anything we use that organically fits into the story we're telling.

Whether Michonne will endure a brutal physical assault from the Governor:

That's a long-running animosity that we intend to get a lot of story out of. Those things are plausible within our universe but we have to earn them. (...) The Governor-Michonne arc is a long story and we want to take our time and do it right and not burn through it and get it over with too quickly.

And whether Michonne will be forced to participate in one of Woodbury's "gladiator" battles:

That's something that I think people can look forward to this season. I'd hope people would think it's an exciting scene. I won't give away who could be in there but it could be anybody.

The Governor may not live past season 3. Morrisey dropped an interesting hint during an interview that took place while he was filming the season 3 finale (the actual finale, not the December 2 midseason episode):

Yeah, it’s our last week, so it’s all hands to the pump. Everyone’s out here today, so it’s pretty crowded. It’s all action today. Emotion as well, and that’s always quite draining. But it’s great. I’m going to miss all of it.

Of course, he could mean that he's going to miss it because of the break in filming before season 4 ... orrrrrr, it could mean that the whole Rick/Governor story gets concluded this season.

Here's one reason the Governor might hate Michonne even more after the next episode. According to a MAJOR spoiler from the Spoil the Dead forum, here's what happens in next week's episode. Last chance to avert your gaze!

Michone hears Penny thumping around and discovers The Governor's secret room. The Governor comes home and begs Michone not to hurt Penny, but Michone shows no mercy and stabs Penny through the head. A brutal fight ensues. The fish tanks wind up crashing down on the floor. Gov tries to pin Michone's arm down in front of one of the newly liberated zombie heads, chomping away. Michone reaches for her sword but it's just out of grasp, so she opts for a shard of glass instead, and stabs The Governor right in the eye. She's about to finish the job when Andrea arrives with gun drawn. The two circle each other and Andrea lets Michone walk away while she tends to Gov and surveys the room.

What David Morrisey has to say about being so squeaky-clean and freshly-showered on set, as opposed to nearly everyone else.

Andrew (Lincoln) is absolutely livid. He calls us 90210. All the guys in the prison are so angry, but I just say, “Come on over to Woodbury, friends.”

Lastly, the official video sneak peek for "Made to Suffer":

So much to look forward to! What do you think -- will Michonne really kill Penny? Will the Governor meet his demise in season 3, or live to terrify everyone next season?

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