'Bachelor' Sean Lowe's Claim That He's a 'Born-Again Virgin' Is Total BS

Sean LoweThe upcoming Bachelor Sean Lowe is all about religion and, though he was not a virgin before he had his religious awakening, he has decided to be one now. Oh yes. According to Wetpaint, he considers himself a “born-again virgin meaning even though he has slept with four people, he hasn't done the deed in years and won't again until he is married.

I have two words for the whole "born again virgin" thing: bull and shit. Sorry, but come on. You either are a virgin or you're not. I find it unbelievably hypocritical to choose to have sex and then turn around and decry those who do the same thing you do because guess what?! You're a virgin again! Come on, Sean. Aren't you better than that?

Still, you CAN change your sexual destiny. You CAN stop having meaningless sex and wait until marriage to do it again. Just don't call it "virginity." The concept itself is actually a nice one. After all, who knows better than non-virgins what a mistake sex can sometimes be?


But let's not call it born again virginity. The first time is overrated anyway. Truth be told my OWN first time was actually fun, but it was far (far!!!) from the best sex I have ever had. For that I had to live, learn, and experiment -- and for the record, I still have a lower body count than Lowe!

Sex is complicated and crazy and sometimes wrong, but it isn't a "sin" and having sex with someone you love -- even if you are unmarried -- isn't wrong. Period. End of story. So stop trying to make it a bad thing, people! All this "born again virginity" nonsense is so judgemental and full of guilt.

Face it, you had sex. It was good or it was bad and now you want to wait until you are married. Fine. Good for you! But call that what you will. One time, buddy. That's it. That's how many times you can pop the old cherry. After that, it's just adding to the body count.

Anyone who calls himself a born again virgin ought to rethink their phrasing. The only person who buys that is your own delusional self.

Do you believe in "born again virginity"?


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