My Most Hilarious Dare Yet! (VIDEO)

I'll Take That Dare

There are some things you just shouldn't try.

And I've learned the hard way that one is being an auctioneer, after having had about five minutes of training.

My embarrassment is your gain, folks! Click through to see the most hilarious (and I don't say that lightly) episode of "I'll Take That Dare" yet!


Yes, that was ill-advised, wasn't it?

I can't even tell you how nervous I was to stand up there and auction off those items -- and as you've probably discovered about me already, I don't get nervous very easily.

Part of the problem was my auctioneer voice. I didn't plan for my voice to sound that way -- and once I got started with it, I couldn't stop. It was like I was channeling some long-dead ghost auctioneer, who took over my voicebox every time I tried to take a bid!

I won't be an an auctioneer again, but honestly, I'm DYING to go to one of these auctions. There were some fantastic things up for bid -- and I thought it was very telling that most of the people in the audience were antique dealers. You have to sit there for six hours and you don't know when the item you want will come up for bid, but you can get some fantastic deals.

I also see a potential reality show here. The auctioneer told me he's seen fist fights at some auctions, and he said "grudge bidding," when someone bids against someone they hate just to keep them from getting what they want, is fairly common, particularly among family members at an estate auction.


So, now that you've seen me try my hand at auctioneering ...


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