10 Things 'The Bachelor' Has Taught Me About Love

the bacheloretteHello my name is Stefanie and I'm obsessed with The Bachelor. I'm not sure why, really. But I find myself glued to the television every season. Something about hot, crazy people mixed with Chris Harrison -- I don't know.

Maybe it's ABC's twisted version of how relationships really are. I find myself getting caught up in the drama, the romance, and well ... the bullshit. I've followed the show for years, and let's just say I've picked up quite a few relationship tips along the way. I mean, I should write a book or something.

So thank you, ABC, for giving me these amazing pearls of relationship wisdom.


1. Your significant other is allowed to sleep with other girls but ONLY if he proposes to you the following day.

2. Any serious relationship issue can be resolved with a single rose.

3. If you don't get enough one-on-one time, kick the guy to the curb.

4. The best way to get a guy's attention is to show up at his house in a really obnoxious way -- like in a helicopter or on a horse.

5. Run far -- run FAST -- from any guy named Bentley.

6. Falling in love is only possible on tropical islands, so don't even bother trying anywhere else.

7. The diamond must come from Neil Lane and be at least $100K -- or sorry, buddy, the answer is no.

8. It's totally okay to date the same guy as your friends -- at the same time -- as long as you know you have the deeper connection.

9. It's also totally okay to date 25 guys at once. Ladies is pimps, too.

10. If all else fails, skinny dip. (Winning!)

What love lessons have YOU learned from The Bachelor?


Image via ABC

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