'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's New Workout Video Reveals How She Stays So Fit

farrah abraham workout videoSay what you will about Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham, but the MTV star's got a fit, HOT BOD! And she knows it. And she knows we know it. Thus, she clearly believes in flaunting it. Hence, why else would she have paired up with Sixpack Shortcuts for a YouTube workout video?!

But to be fair, we are kinda curious about what she does to stay in shape, right? Well, I'll admit I am. So let's check it out, shall we ...


Okay, so color me inspired! For one thing, Farrah gets an A for serious effort. I know for me, just doing burpees is a total pain in the butt. (Literally. Actually, my back can't take the jarring motion. And they remind me of military drills/gym class. Yuck.) Also, I love how simple and basic -- yet clearly effective -- this M100 workout is! You can pretty much do it just about anywhere, including in the comfort of your own home. You can also modify it to fit your schedule. For instance, they don't note this, but you could even split up reps over the course of the day and get the benefits of several cardio "blasts" as opposed to one long one.

A regular workout regimen be super-difficult to keep up or squeeze in, but this is exactly the kind of thing a busy, multi-tasking mom like Farrah Abraham could use. Being that she just learned M100s, I'm guessing this actually isn't what she's been doing to stay in shape. But it definitely doesn't seem like a shabby way to! Seeing how gung-ho the Teen Mom is to learn and try something new says a lot about her attitude toward fitness, which really is half the battle.

Would you try this workout?

Image via SixpackShortcuts/YouTube

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