'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville Blasts Adrienne Maloof With a Big F-Bomb

Brandi GlanvilleOkay, I know a lot went down on RHOBH tonight, but I simply can't get to it before we discuss one point -- Brandi Glanville's thumb wrinkle. Seriously, there she was in all of her goddess glory looking every inch of perfection, but when she saw the proofs, she was worried about a wrinkle on her thumb?!?! I wish I thought there was a chance she was joking, but she seemed dead serious. Maybe there's Botox for that?

Anyway, the rest of the night was mostly love, peace, zen, and making nice. First Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof sat down and made up ... on the surface anyway. Lisa got her apology, but it probably won't change much as the damage has been done.


Then it was on to Ojai for a girls' weekend arranged by Kim Richards, who seems to be in a great place. She actually shows up for things, you can understand what she's saying, and I'm sure it was a big step for her to plan this weekend. Besides Lisa being horrified that she had to share a room (but trying to act like she wasn't), it all started out so well.

Kim gave a heartfelt, touching speech in which she said through her tears that she was so happy, and couldn't imagine life getting any better. Everyone toasted, and it looked like it was going to be a great night. But, of course, this was a Real Housewives dinner, so something had to go down.

After the universe sat Brandi and Kim across from one another, Brandi apologized and said some really sweet things about Kim's daughters. They were truly having a lovely bonding moment and realizing they actually liked each other, which I think surprised them both.

Then all of a sudden Adrienne had to butt in and shout down the table, "Uh oh somebody's crying!"

It was so rude, and talk about killing a moment. I for one was glad to see Brandi call her out for calling it out.

"Don’t sit there and cackle ... to make a spectacle. It’s obnoxious," Brandi said.

Adrienne tried to play dumb. "Call it out, what do you mean?" she asked like she had no clue.

Then Brandi blasted her with a big old F-bomb: "I mean shut the fuck up."

Bam. While she probably could have been a little more subtle, I actually don't blame Brandi. Adrienne was totally out of line, and Brandi if nothing else is a straight shooter. So she asked for it if you ask me.

Previews for next week show more Ojai fun, including a hilarious reaction to the drama from Yolanda Foster who can't believe these women act as they do. And she's only just begun. 

Do you think Adrienne deserved to be called out by Brandi like she was?


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