'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Phaedra Parks' Donkey Booty Gets Her Busted

Phaedra Parks Besides new girl Kenya Moore and the ridiculous drama she's brought, The Real Housewives of Atlanta have kept things uncharacteristically civil this season. Tonight, however, we got the first hint that things aren't as calm as they seem on the surface when Cynthia Bailey went head to head with Phaedra Parks.

Since initially joining RHOA with a belligerent bang, Miss Phaedra has really evolved into a likable Housewife who tends to stay above the fray and avoids the catty drama for the most part. Or so we thought. Turns out Phaedra only seems to be showing one of her faces, and tonight Cynthia busted her for the second one.


At a lunch with NeNe Leakes (we SO need more NeNe this season), Cynthia learned that Phaedra didn't give a "fuck" that she couldn't attend her son's birthday. And it wasn't just gossip that could be easily dismissed as rumor -- NeNe had proof. Apparently Phaedra had butt-dialed NeNe, and it was all there, crystal clear.

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Cynthia was shocked and pissed since she thought they'd mended their relationship after the whole Peter and Apollo blow up, though not enough so that she could say the "F" word when she met with Phaedra to confront her. She came with a gift for Ayden in hand, and then got down to business.

“As a matter of fact, somebody actually told me that you really didn’t give a –- excuse my spelling, a F-U-C-K -- if I came to Ayden’s party of not.”

Phaedra's first method of defense was to deny, claiming that she never uses the such language. “I don’t think you’ve ever heard me drop the F-bomb so whoever told you that is tripping...I did not say that and I think you know I don’t talk like that.”

Oh, but she does. Cynthia let her know that not only did she hear it with her own ears, she could let Phaedra listen to it too. That's when Phaedra could have apologized, or tried to otherwise explain, but instead she just totally changed the subject and started talking about something biting her boob. It was awkward to say the least, and it will be interesting to see if Cynthia lets her off the hook that easily. She really should have brought NeNe with her.  At the very least, maybe Phaedra should put a warming about the dangers of a donkey booty on her workout tape.

Meanwhile, Kim Zolciak was moving out of her haunted dream home because she was sorta kinda evicted or whatever. She was a mess while moving and dropped enough F-bombs in the process for Phaedra, Cynthia, and a small village combined. The biggest FU, however, she saved for Kendra, her landlord who she believes screwed her over. With all of the vindictiveness in the world, she had all of the flowers and trees she'd planted while living dug up, and she took them the hell with her. What she's going to do with them is unknown, but they weren't staying there. I'm sure the aftermath wasn't pretty.

Not that we'd expect anything less than a dramatic exit from Kim. And according to recent reports, there's going to be an ever bigger one later this season, when Kim quits RHOA for good. Stay tuned.

Were you surprised that Phaedra lied about what she'd said? Are you sad to learn that Kim is leaving RHOA?


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