'DWTS' Pro Val Chmerkovskiy Defends Kelly Monaco & Confirms What We've All Been Thinking

kelly monaco val chmerkovskiyWhew! Were you relieved to hear that Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy made it to next week's Dancing With the Stars finals? I sure was. I just love those two, because something about their insane chemistry makes me believe that soul mates really do exist, or some mumbo jumbo like that.

But even though they've given some pretty stellar performances, the judges have been especially hard on them, and much more so than other contestants this season. It's almost as if they have some sort of bias against the couple -- and it's obvious that Val is more than a little irritated about their scores.


After Kelly and Val received less than perfect scores for their Surfer Flamenco performance (you know, the one where Val dropped his pants and paraded around in a Speedo), host Brooke Burke Charvet asked them what they thought about their scores, to which Val replied, "I think that’s pretty politically correct. I think that’s pretty unfair, but that’s just my opinion."

And he's not the only one who's pissed, because his brother Maksim Chmerkovskiy is calling bullsh*% on the judges' scoring as well.

Maks took to his Twitter account to rant and rave about the low scores, saying, "WTH ARE THOSE SCORES!?!?!?!? I’m almost sorry that Val’s last name is #Chmerkovskiy!" He followed that one up with, "The hardest thing about being on this show is explaining to a crying grandma why @iamValC and @kellymonaco1 get bad scores ..."

(Aww! Poor grandma!)

But seriously -- don't you agree that the judges have been a heck of a lot tougher on Kelly and Val than they've been on most of the other couples on the show? (C'mon, everyone has noticed it.) It's almost like they have it in for them or something -- which only adds to the speculation that the entire show is fixed.

It's hard not to wonder if Val and Kelly were purposely given lower scores for one specific reason -- because the judges know they have a HUGE fan following because of the rumored romance between them. I'm telling you -- people just can't resist tuning in each week to see if they're going to wrap up their performance with a full-on make-out session, or possibly conceive a baby right there on the ballroom floor. Their love connection has definitely factored in this season, and the judges know that -- they aren't stupid.

But regardless of their motives, hopefully they'll cut Kelly and Val some slack in next week's finals. They deserve to be there, and they earned their spot, fair and square.

Do you think the judges are biased against Kelly and Val?


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