'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell's Engagement Ring Excitement After All This Time Is a Good Sign

catelynn lowell engagement ringTeen Mom's Catelynn Lowell's engagement may not be hot fresh news like Jenelle Evans' to her current beau Courtland Rogers, but that doesn't make it any less "awww!"-worthy. (Especially considering that she and fiance Tyler Baltierra have actually proven themselves to have quite a bit of lasting power ...) Although Catelynn and Tyler have been engaged since season 1 of Teen Mom, Catelynn only just recently tweeted a new pic of her bling, noting, "LOVE my ring!" Too sweet!

Hey, it's never too late to be psyched about your ring. After all, it may be gorgeous to look at it, but it's also about so much more than that.


After being engaged for even several months, you come to feel like your ring kinda has a life of its own. It has a story behind it and a story ahead of it. (I know, how crazy existential is that?) You feel sort of naked -- physically but also emotionally -- when it's not on. You might even, at least according to Tiffany & Co., gaze up on it a million times over the course of your lifetime! So, it becomes a part of you. Just as your wedding band is sure to. (My mom, who has been married over 35 years now, can't even take hers off! It really is a part of her finger now!)

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And that's why of course it doesn't even matter that her ring isn't nearly as showy as Jenelle's. It's absolutely stunning in its simplicity and modesty. I know plenty of women who totally agree that a lovely round solitaire like Catelynn's is truly classic, romantic, and absolutely the way to go. 

It's no wonder she can't stop looking at it, tweeting about it, gushing over it. It's adorable that she's still so psyched about it. But even better that what I'm sure she's most psyched about is marrying Tyler.

Were you/are you obsessed with your engagement ring?


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