'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Evans Is Sounding Like Amber Portwood Only Worse

Teen Mom 2Watching Teen Mom 2 is kind of like stepping back in time. We know so much of what has happened to Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer Calvert, and Chelsea Houska since the episodes we're now seeing were filmed. Only now we get to see it up close and personal. And not surprisingly, some of the worst moments are even harder to take when you have to watch them unfold.

Tonight we got the build-up to Jenelle's August 2011 arrest. After smoking marijuana, she failed a drug test and was presented with a situation with such obvious shades of Amber Portwood, they were hard to ignore. Especially when you consider how Jenelle reacted.


The other girls, on the other hand, are all moving in at least a semi-positive direction. 

Chelsea Houska celebrated her 20th birthday by quitting her job without giving two weeks notice (sigh) and getting a promise ring from Adam (a promise to be a jackass, we can't help but wonder?). Not the best news on either front, but she's obviously got a great support system keeping her going and reminding her when she screws up.

Leah Calvert (who is still Leah Simms) has made it through mediation with Corey and is headed for divorce. It's sad, but it was good to hear both of them talk about their custody plans being based solely on the twins' best interests.

As for Kailyn Lowry, she's got a rough road. Jo has moved on, and her mother has cut her daughter and grandson out of her life. The woman even had the audacity to block Kailyn's phone number. But she had the guts to call ex-boyfriend Jordan and the good grace to tell him that she realized she'd made a lot of mistakes.

Too bad the same can't be said of Jenelle.

Presented by her lawyer with the option of having her probation extended by an extra nine months or spend 45 days in jail, Jenelle broke down. Between tears she ranted about how difficult life is living with her mother, how much "stress" she's under while being on probation, and basically tried to make a case for why she needs weed to survive. If you listened closely, you even heard her talking about Jace like he was a suitcase you put away until your next vacation, saying she had to put things with him "off" until she deals with her own problems. As if having a son you can't care for isn't one of your own problems?

Seeing Jenelle grapple with the choice of whether to take the jail time and just get it over with or try to live drug free, it was hard not to think about the choices Amber has made. The mom from the original Teen Mom opted for hard time in prison because she simply couldn't handle a drug-free life. She made a choice that now seems somewhat brave. She chose to save her life.

Listening to Jenelle whine to her mom that she just wants weed to take away her feelings and make her happy, on the other hand, it was obvious that she was leaning toward jail not because it was the brave thing to do, but because she thought it would be easier. She simply doesn't want to give up weed for nine months, and by comparison, 45 days in jail without drugs sounds appealing to her.

What do you think of the way Jenelle reacted to finding out she failed her drug test?


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