'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Official Spinoff Looks Like a Yawn-Fest

farrah abrahamIf you've been feeling like MTV is woefully understocked when it comes to reality TV, fret no more. In the spirit of every Jersey Shore cast member, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and her adorable daughter Sophia now have officially been given the go-ahead on their very own spinoff. Love the idea? Loathe it? Either way, it kind of explains her $16,000 worth of plastic surgery? So, we can now all rest easy. Ahhh ... night-night.


The much-needed reality show is going to focus on Farrah's juggling of her aspiring culinary career with her being a mom. And of course, her tumultuous relationship with her mother, Debra Danielson, will be a storyline also. (What, you guys don't want to just watch a mom cooking and playing with her child?) Abraham said: "The show will be more or less about my culinary background since I got my degree in that, and some other products that I’m putting out. And then of course my mom drama -- I love my mom but then there’s just that natural hemisphere of drama."

Hmm. Interesting. I guess because Farrah has something going on in her life that's different (her culinary background), that's why she got her own show. Otherwise, it would just be ... Teen Mom without the other teen moms.

Farrah, for your sake, and of course, your daughter's, I hope the show does well. But I think I'm going to skip this one and read something instead. Thanks, though. 

Will you be watching Farrah's new reality show? What Teen Mom would you like to see have her own show? Or are you "all set" on Teen Mom-ness?

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