'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Don't You Dare Call Kenya Moore Miss America!

Kenya Moore and Porscha StewartSince Kenya Moore joined RHOA this season, she's come off as nothing but rude, aggressive, and completely narcissistic. I thought maybe that was just to set things up, and that we'd eventually see another side to her that was nicer and more likable, but after tonight, I'm thinking that's about all there is.

Now, when she started telling Phaedra Parks about her childhood, and how her mother deserted her when she was young, and how difficult that was, I started feeling for her. Then she went to the charity event hosted by new girl Porsha Stewart, and she pretty much lost any sympathy she may have gained. Her challenging childhood may help explain her bad behavior, but it doesn't excuse it.


Let's take a minute to discuss Porsha, though. Like, is she for real? And why the hell did her husband, Kordell Stewart, come into the charity event to ogle her and give her a Chanel bag? It was bizarre. She's bizarre. And I can't wait to see more of her and her chirpy little voice this season, especially now that she and Kenya have already come to blows.

Anyway, Kenya had a bad attitude at the event from the get-go, saying that she's "part of history" and this was beneath her. Then Porsha went and twisted her title when introducing her, and she was livid. Should Porsha have known that Kenya was Miss USA instead of Miss America? I suppose that in the name of due diligence she should have before introducing her, but the woman barely knows what the word "recession" means, so Kenya should have let it slide.

Instead she was furious over the mistake and acted every bit the diva she is. She told the cameras it was as offensive as someone calling Michelle Obama the First Lady of Zimbabwe. Did I mention she was a little narcissistic?

When she got up to go outside in the middle of the meal, it was just plain rude. It was an event for charity and she should have put her ego aside and sucked it up for a good cause. But she couldn't even be bothered to feign a headache and leave; instead she was just going to hightail it out of there without even saying goodbye. “This heifer gets on the microphone and calls me Miss America,” she told her friend Lawrence who was en route to the party.

Kenya wasn't able to make a stealth escape, however, because Porsha came outside for the second time to kick Kenya out of the party. Kenya called the event "whack" and told Porsha to Google her. But Porsha got in the last biting blow. "You're so old!" she told Kenya. Ouch. I don't see a reconciliation coming anytime soon, do you?

Do you think Kenya overreacted?


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