'Jersey Shore' Recap: Gym, Tan, Break Up With Paula

Jersey ShoreFor once Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino did something a little less slimy and showed at least a hint of a conscience on Jersey Shore tonight. After about a week of being wifed up with Paula, he decided that was long enough and started plotting how he was going to weasel his way out of the relationship ... but not too far out. 

"I definitely wanna break up with Paula in a smooth and easy way because I'd like to still hit it," he said. "'Listen girl, it's not me. It's you. Can I still hit it?'"

Still as repugnant as they come, but at least he didn't technically screw her over, so I suppose he gets a little (very little) credit for that.


It was, however, the lamest breakup in history. First because Mike told half of the Jersey Shore that he was going to break up with Paula before he did it, and she already knew it was coming. Then, not only did he bring along his gang of guidos to watch him do the dirty work, but he actually had the gall to tan first.

After his tan, it was time, and Vinny, Pauly, and Ron were ready with their candy for the show. But they didn't get much of one. 

Mike broke it down for her, and Paula didn't really seem to mind. She was more than willing go to back to the way things were -- which basically means sleeping with Mike and letting him sleep with anyone who's DTF. Why the hell she's okay with this I don't know. She doesn't seem like any meek pushover, but the way she kept kissing Mike and didn't offer a bit of resistance to him making it unofficial was weird ... and sad, really. He's just not worth putting up with much for -- especially not something like this.

What I hope happens is that she shows Mike the door can swing both ways. I'm sure there are plenty of dudes around there that would be happy to help her do so, and maybe that would make him realize that she's not going to be there forever for him. Maybe then she can make him a t-shirt that reads GTFU

Why do you think Paula was so open to Mike making their relationship unofficial again?


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