Lindsay Lohan's Bizarre 'Jimmy Fallon' Performance Can Only Be Explained by a Gag Order (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan Jimmy FallonOkay, I just saw something I can't unsee, and I don't know about you, but when I am exposed to something that's particularly awful or stupid or just plain disturbing, the only way I can cope with the unpleasant images reverberating in my head is to share my pain with others. Which is why I am about to burden you with Lindsay Lohan's incomprehensible appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night. Because I can't suffer alone.

It's probably not terribly surprising to hear that Lindsay Lohan has once again contributed something of dubious value to society, but this ... "performance" she gave on Fallon is so spectacularly bizarre, I can't begin to imagine what everyone was thinking.

Except maybe her new PR team. They were probably thinking, At least she doesn't have to open her crazy-ass mouth.


Lohan appeared as part of an ongoing sketch called "Let Us Play With Your Look." I don't watch Fallon so I have no idea if this sketch has been funny in the past and that's why it's ongoing, or if he just resurrected it in order to make her look stupid, but the results were ...

Well, here. Take a look. I'm sorry in advance.

So, yeah, that was pretty much two and a half minutes you'll never get back, right? I don't know what's worse, Fallon's singing, Lohan robotically rubbing shaving cream into that guy's head, the "comedic" way she attempts to exit the stage, or --

You know what, it was all terrible. Just terrible.

All I can think of is that Fallon wanted to get her on the show for ratings, and her PR team said okay, but there's just this one little teeny tiny constraint with regards to our client, who is totally mentally stable and not even remotely addicted to god knows how many substances: she's not allowed to talk. And Fallon was like, shit. Well, guys, let's trot out the "Play With Your Look" thing.

I think Lohan's PR team probably made the right move in canceling that Barbara Walters special, but if this is what she'll be doing instead of actual interviews -- dude. At this point, I honestly can't tell who's crazier in the whole Lohan family. WHICH IS SERIOUSLY SAYING SOMETHING.

What do you think of Lohan's sketch performance?

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