'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Is Wearing 'Wedding' Rings Way Too Soon

jenelle evansSeems like in the past year, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans' relationship status has been single or engaged -- rarely anything in between. And although she is only dating current flame Courtland Rogers, she's rocking not one but TWO brand new engagement wedding diamond rings ... Courtland reportedly bought the $3,299.99 1.5-carat princess cut diamond bridal set for Jenelle at mall jeweler Zales this week for "no apparent reason." Or, well, as Jenelle tweeted about the extravagant gift, "for simply being his girlfriend." Oh, and because "Courtland felt like spending money."

Just in case you needed further confirmation that the rings had nothing to do with Courtland popping the question, Jenelle tweeted, "I'm not even his fiancé, best gift EVER! Thanks gorgeous!!" Ay yi yi ... So, there's no denying that this gift was waaaay over-the-top and generous. But romantic? Ehhh ... 


Who would want a bridal set when they're not even a bride-to-be? What's the point? Doesn't it just feel ... empty? Add that to the fact that Jenelle has already been engaged countless times -- okay, twice -- to former flame Gary Head, and you have to wonder if she's wearing out all the excitement of getting engaged. Excitement that would be 10x better if it was saved for the moment when she actually gets engaged to Mr. Right!

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Sure, you could argue that these rings are just jewelry, and getting engaged is about so much more than scoring a couple of bling-y diamond rings. And it is! But at the same time, getting a "ring on it" from your S.O. is tradition with a lot of emotional significance behind it. Doesn't gifting diamond rings for the hell of it well beforehand take that significance away?

But hey, some women don't even want bling for their engagement/wedding. Rings -- especially diamonds -- wouldn't mean as much to them as they might to someone else. I know someone who said she'd much prefer the guy spend the moolah on a trip of a lifetime, a Safari, etc. And more power to her for that. So, maybe that's the route Jenelle and Courtland are headed for. Or he'll just have to get her even HUGER bling when/if they actually plan to get hitched.

What do you think about Jenelle's new non-bridal bridal set?


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