'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka & Kristin Chenoweth? Together? Oh Hell No

kristin chenowethSomebody, quick, get me a spoon, because I need to be gagged after hearing this gross piece of gossip that the funny, talented, and gorgeous Ms. Kristin Chenoweth was seen canoodling with Bachelor ass-hat Jake Pavelka over a lunch date in West Hollywood this week. Like, barf.

A source spilled the beans to Perez, so there's hope after all that this is just one nasty, vicious rumor, because, seriously? If this is real? I'm gonna puke.


I guess my visceral reaction toward Jake started after I saw him on some Bachelor reunion show. He and his ex-fiance (LOL) Vienna Girardi went on TV to talk to Chris Harrison about why their relationship didn't work out, and Jake got this tight look on his face and was all, YOU NEED TO QUIT INTERUPTING ME RRROOOOARRRR. And frankly, it was scary. Hated him ever since.

Kristin, oh Kristin ... she's so out of Fake Pathetica's league it's not even funny. I'm wondering if that tragic accident on the set of The Good Wife, when a light fell on her head and she was hospitalized for a period of time, if that somehow didn't jostle her brain and make her immune to the logic that tells healthy people to stay away from someone whose only future prospects include more reality shows like VH1's Famous Food.

If Kristin and Jake really were wearing sunglasses at a lunch date, nuzzling, I only hope it's for a social experiment of some sort. Maybe she's doing recon on reality star losers so she can play on one TV? Maybe they weren't "nuzzling" so much as "thumb wrestling" because they're distant cousins trying to hash out who gets their dead grandaddy's tractor?

Here's hoping.

What do you make of this Jake Pavelka/Kristin Chenoweth date?


Photo via The Drama League/Flickr

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