Emily Maynard's Plastic Surgeon Visit May Be the Beginning of Something Ugly

emily maynardBachelorette star Emily Maynard was recently photographed coming out of a plastic surgeon's office in Charlotte, North Carolina. I knooow, right? What's a seemingly perfect specimen like herself doing in a place like that? Hopefully, charity work or Girl Scout cookie sales, because, seriously, if she starts getting "work done", she's going to look terrible.


Whether you love her or hate her; examine her every move or have no clue whatsoever who the crap this woman is; live for blondes or long to secretly send every tow-headed person you know a bottle of Clairol in Chestnut, you have to admit -- Emily Maynard is gorgeous. With her big eyes, wide mouth, and perfectly symmetrical features, it's hard to find anything wrong with her. Unless, of course, you think she's too pretty.

And she looks like the kind of woman who will age well. If she starts messing with Mother Nature now -- when there's absolutely no need to whatsoever -- she may wind up looking weird. Overly "done." Real Housewife-ish.

Of course, this is all just speculation. No one has come out and actually said that Emily's going under the knife, so this entire post may be moot. I mean, there are a million reasons a reality star like herself could have been visiting a plastic surgeon ... right?

Do you think Emily should steer clear of plastic surgery?

Image via Splash

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