Nicole Polizzi Dyes Her Hair Fireball Red & Lets Us Know Snooki Lives

Ever since Nicole "Snooki" Nicole PolizziPolizzi got pregnant, we've slowly warmed to the notion that she's not just a sloppy drunk party girl, but rather a pretty darn good mother. We watched in awe through her pregnancy as she made mature and healthy choices to move out of the Jersey Shore house and to settle in for her new role as wife and mother.

And all of that is great -- for her and for baby Lorenzo -- but I think it may also be leaving Snooki feeling a little worried about becoming boring. So today she headed to the salon and did something racy -- she dyed her hair fire-engine red and sent out a big old reminder to the world with a tweet and a picture that read, "sexual."


It's really ... red. I actually think she looks prettier with her hair dark and her makeup more natural, or even nonexistent, but I don't totally hate it. And I do understand the reason I suspect she did it.

Motherhood changes a lot, and suddenly your sense of self is challenged at best, and sadly lost in many cases. It can be frightening to see who you were slip away even if it is for the most lovable, adorable reason, like Lorenzo.  So while the slew of make-up free shots and darlings pics of her and Lorenzo are great, they're far from the Snooki we first grew to love/watch in horror.

Snooki made her name on being outrageous, sexually adventurous, and shocking; and I'm sure she wonders if she can hold the public's attention without all of the antics. So even if her hair is just hair, I think it's a reminder if not to us, then to herself, that a baby may change things but it doesn't have to change everything. She's still Snooki, and she's still the crazy girl she was ... just not quite so crazy.

Struggling to find yourself again after becoming a mother is difficult for anyone, but I imagine it's especially difficult when you've built such an extreme persona in the public eye. So if it takes racy red hair for her to feel like a bit of a meatball again, then I say rock it. And Christmas is coming.

What do you think of Snooki's red hair?


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