‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik Is ‘Glad’ Courtney Robertson Has Found Someone New

Ben Flajnik 'Bachelor'Breakups are never easy. You have to reevaluate your shared friends, change half the pictures in your bedroom, detag on Facebook, all that messy stuff. When it comes to breaking up for celebrities, though, imagine that times 1,000. Not only do you have to do all the normal stuff and experience the heartache, you have to do it on a national scale and then get criticized for your every move.

Which is exactly why today, my heart goes out to The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik. He fell for that devilish Courtney Robertson on national TV, and now he's heartbroken as she runs off with some other guy. And not just any guy. Some other Bachelorette guy. Sigh.

Get this: Ben still has the heart to say he's happy for her! He told People that he's "glad there's a new guy." I am flabbergasted. My thoughts in response: 1) Wow, that must've been a hard statement to admit to, and 2) why can't all exes act like this?

Ben, you're a class act.


It isn't easy to move on after a long relationship, and it's even harder to see your ex doing so successfully when you have no one in the picture. Let's be real, though, the reasons that led to your breakup are never small. While those reasons may keep you two apart, it doesn't mean that each of you are destined to be single forever.

For Ben to be able to say that he's happy for Courtney, well, it shows he's a bigger person. The guy understands that just like anyone else, even she is entitled to her own happiness even if it's not with him. The guy most definitely has some confidence knowing that, yes, he made the right decision. Hey Ben, I know you did too.

Have you ever told an ex you were happy for them in their new relationship? Do you admire Ben's attitude?


Image via ABC

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