Robert Pattinson Finally Takes a Shower -- With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

water warFinally! After brooding through his breakup with Kristen Stewart and then the relentless promotion of Breaking Dawn 2, Robert Pattinson got to take a shower at last. Too bad all the water was hand-tossed by Jimmy Fallon, though. Sounds like a slow way to get clean.

Okay, it wasn't exactly like that. When RPattz showed up on Late Night, Jimmy talked him into playing war with him. Water war, that is. Draw the higher card and you get to throw a glass of water on your opponent! Check out the soggy action. 


I love it when Robert offers to pour the water over his own head. He's such a good sport -- no wonder he tells Jimmy Late Night is his favorite talk show in America. And I love it when he compliments Jimmy on his "very manly chest" and points out that he can see his chest hairs through his shirt. Ohh, when stars make Jimmy Fallon blush. That is just the best.

I only have one complaint: Robert happened to be wearing a colored shirt and a suit jacket, so he's not as exposed as Jimmy is. Think someone tipped him off?!? Maybe some of us wanted to see HIS chest hair. That brown shirt seems to be as water-resistant as Robert's hair mousse.

And of course Robert won. I kind of agree with Jimmy -- I think the cards were rigged. (It's kind of always that way with his guests, isn't it?) Um, wow, that's quite a water cannon Rob's got! There's a lot he could do with that thing. Just saying.

Do you think this was Robert's favorite interview so far?


Image via Late Night With Jimmy Fallon/NBC

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