'Bachelor' Producers 'Brainwashed' Courtney Robertson & Now We Know the Show Is Fake

Courtney Robertson Ben FlajnikRemember how everyone kept scratching their heads and yelling at the TV during Ben Flajnik's season of The Bachelor because no one could understand why he couldn't see the same side of "evil" Courtney Robertson that the other women on the show were seeing?

It was almost like Ben had been put under some sort of spell, which put him into some sort of trance, but now it looks as though he may have not been the one who was fooled into falling in love.

Courtney now says she felt "brainwashed" on The Bachelor, and basically thinks producers "duped" her into falling for Ben.


And you gotta admit, the whole brainwashing thing definitely makes sense out of why she would be drawn to someone with a haircut as awful as his. (Yes, I'm bringing up the mop-head again. I just can't let it go.)

She talked about one moment on the show in particular, where Ben brought her popcorn in Switzerland, which is her snack of choice, and she thought he was being all over-the-top romantic and sweet -- but as it turns out, the producers of The Bachelor were the ones who put the popcorn in his hands. (Or at least it sounds like she's alluding to that.)

If Courtney's claims about being tricked into falling for Ben by producers are true, now we have more evidence that (wait for it) the show may be totally fake. (OMG. You're KIDDING me!)

Think about it -- if these couples were really falling in love with each other for all the right reasons, then don't you think at least a few of them would actually be happily married with babies and a dog and a house with a white picket fence and all that good stuff?

If Bachelor and Bachelorette romances are being influenced by producers over the course of filming the show, then it makes 100 percent sense that most of them wind up figuring out they're all wrong for each other and parting ways shortly after their engagement is announced.

But honestly, who really cares whether the shows are fake or not? I sure as hell don't, and knowing producers are working overtime behind the scenes to make my reality guilty pleasure even more enjoyable each week only makes me want to tune in more.

Do you believe that Courtney was misled into falling for Ben? And do you think the show is mostly fake?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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