‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe Should Not Get Engaged on His Birthday

Sean LoweSean Lowe was a favorite on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette. The hot blond seemed a perfect match for her. Until he wasn't. But Lowe's lack of compatibility with Emily was some other woman's lucky poker hand.

As of the end of this season, Lowe may very well be engaged (we'll see). and even weirder, the man whose birthday is November 16 may very well get engaged on his birthday. Last year, that is exactly the date Ben proposed to Courtney! And look how well that turned out!

OK, I am kidding. Obviously, the two just broke up. But that doesn't mean Lowe will. Or maybe it does because this show has an awful track record, but he will at least be in "love" or engaged for a few months or so! As for the birthday engagement ... well that's another story.


Personally, I think getting engaged on another holiday is kind of a bummer whether it's a holiday or a birthday. It's almost the same as being born on Christmas or the Fourth of July. Or my poor husband who was born on Halloween. He always gets the shaft!

Now, granted, most couples don't really celebrate the date of their engagement. I know my husband and I were engaged on June 25, 2002, but it's not like we go out that night or celebrate or anything. June 7, though? We totally get down.

June 25 WAS actually the anniversary of our first kiss, so it wasn't a meaningless date. But for a man who truly wants to surprise a woman (or hell, for a woman who really wants to surprise her man), asking on a random day might be even better.

Besides, an engagement kind of steals a birthday's thunder. It would be awfully hard for Lowe's lady to think of his well-being and happiness on his birthday when she has a sparkling rock on her finger. Though the anniversary would be easy to remember!

I highly doubt my husband remembers the date we got engaged since it isn't printed anywhere and we don't celebrate it. But I sure as hell bet he remembers his birthday (at least most of the time). This is a good trick for a man who has trouble with dates.

Either way, if Lowe is getting engaged, then good for him. He deserves some happiness. But I hope it's on November 17. A birthday is holiday enough.

Do you like the idea of getting engaged on a holiday?


Image via ABC

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