Mila Kunis’ New Show Is 'That '70s Show' With a Twist of Girl Power

mila kunisMila Kunis is back with a new version of That '70s Show -- but with a twist! Kunis will be executive producing Meridian Hills, a drama about the women's liberation movement in the 1970s airing on CW. WOOO! Bra burning!

Okay, not really. I'm sure there will be no bra burning. But since this show takes place in the Midwest during a time of social upheaval, I'm sure there will pahh-lenty of drama. I'm picturing consciousness-raising coffee klatches, "I have it all why aren't I happy?" weeping jags, "I don't know who I married!" fights, and gallons of white wine. And I can't wait! Anyway, here's the 411 on what we know about this show so far.


1. First of all, Mila is not expected to star in this show -- that we know of. No cast has been announced, yet. She isn't saying she'll star in it, but then she isn't saying she definitely won't be in it, either.

2. The show focuses on a young married woman who is trying to change the system for women. She joins the Junior League where she finds an "eclectic" group of women (as you do) who become her allies in feminism.

3. Much of the action takes place in a boozy country club. And you know what this means? Amazing costumes and scandalous decadence. I hope!

4. The show picks up in 1972, just when the Equal Rights Amendment had passed and was facing state ratification. Congress gave supporters seven years to get the ERA ratified in at least 38 states. Alas, by 1979 they were still three states short -- and four states actually rescinded their ratification. Today, 21 states have a version of the ERA as part of their state constitution. But it's not a federal law.

5. The writer (and a co-executive producer) for the show will be Sydney Sidner. She's won numerous awards for her short films, but this is a really cool big break for her and hopefully means she'll bring a fresh voice to television. Also, the show was probably her idea and Mila is making it happen, but I'm just guessing here.

Does Meridian Hills sound like a show you'd watch?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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