‘Nashville’ Sneak Peek: Juliette Barnes’ Drug Addicted Mom Relapses (VIDEO)

nashvilleNashville has got to be the best new show of the season. Seriously. I am not even a die-hard country music fan and I love it.

It's a nighttime soap without all the melodramatic overacting (have you seen the Dallas update?), and it's a musical without the campy, cheesy musical numbers (sorry Gleeks!). And the sneak peek of tonight's new, juicy episode certainly doesn't disappoint.


Looks like Hayden Panettiere's character has some major heartbreak coming her way. Juliette Barnes's drug addict mom has a relapse and the whole scene is a country-music song in the making. It's a sad moment for the up-and-coming crooner, who is clearly devastated by her mother's booze and pill-addled behavior. You get the impression that the relationship is holding her back emotionally and professionally. It's just one of the many awesome storylines of the show.

Check out the sneak peek here:

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