'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Is Mad About Marriage Rumors but Is She to Blame?

'Teen Mom' Kailyn and her fiance JaviSo apparently Kailyn Lowry is irate over the fake reports coming from InTouch that say she and fiancé Jose "Javi" Marroquin got hitched in September. The Teen Mom star took to Twitter to dispute the rumors saying she never spoke with the mag about her "wedding," and the marriage certificate they obtained is bogus.

Yes, you can blame InTouch for printing a whole bunch of fooey, but, well, you sort of provided some of the material, Kailyn. I mean, come on -- the Teen Mom has absolutely NO problem posting pictures of her and Javi (like this cute one above) all over the place. Heck, I was starting to wonder if the two had gotten hitched myself.


We all have friends that are in these brag-a-lot relationships. You see pictures of them everywhere from Facebook to Instagram and all of the photos paint the picture of a perfectly happy couple. Going apple picking, hanging out by the beach, what -- they just do it all, don't they? It's a natural inclination: You begin to wonder how good they have it.

I've been there, for sure. I was in a relationship where, believe me, there were plenty of amazingly good times, but they weren't all that way. When it comes down to it the good memories like the time you took a random day off work to go to the amusement park or when he gave you a bouquet of flowers because you weren't feeling well -- those are the times you want to share with the world, not the rough ones.

Is oversharing your relationship easy to do? For sure. But in Kailyn's case it also opens her up for rumors, like this whole wedding shebang. Now that the truth is out, here's to hoping Kailyn is more at ease and the couple can move forward. Even if it involves a bit of oversharing now and again.

Do you have friends who post often about their relationship online?


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