Big 'Walking Dead' Mystery: What Happened to You-Know-Who? (VIDEO)

You guys, I hope you're not sick of me talking about The Walking Dead yet, because after last week's jaw-dropping episode, there's just SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT. (Unlike certain other seasons I could mention, which can basically be summed up as follows: Hey is Sophia in this bush? Nope. Hey is Sophia under that rock? Nope. Hey is Sophia in this barn? Uhh ...)

Yesterday I shared some behind-the-scenes info from Sarah Wayne Callies, the actress who plays Lori, but today I'd like to talk about the big question that lingered after Sunday's show: what happened to [NAME WITHHELD]?

For those who don't know who I'm talking about it, be aware there are SPOILERS AHEAD.


I am of course referring to Carol, who we last saw pushing open a prison door while she turned just in time to see her savior, T-Dog, getting brutally ravaged by a pack of zombies. Later, Rick and Daryl find Carol's scarf on the floor near T-Dog's corpse and assume she also died.

Good thing she had on that scarf for like the first time ever, so she could leave something behind, right?

Totally never wears a scarf

So did she make it? Hershel didn't see her, but she might have run in a different direction than the other survivors. Maybe she made it to the woods. Maybe she made it to Woodbury!

Then again, maybe she's DOA. Check out this sneak peek for next Sunday's episode:

Glenn needs a total of three graves? Hmmm. That could mean they're burying Carol along with Lori and T-Dog. Or it could mean they just ASSUME they're going to find Carol's body. Or maybe they're burying Andrew, the traitorous prisoner?

Okay, that scene doesn't actually help at all. Let's turn to the show creators for hints. According to executive producer Robert Kirkman,

Well, you didn’t see a body. You never know though ... I don't want the show to be completely bleak, so there's always some level of hope but it's certainly not looking good. I'm sure we'll see her again, we wouldn't want her to be never heard from again. The way in which she returns, who knows what light we'll see her in when she comes back.

ZOMBIE CAROL? Or kidnapped-and-tortured-by-the-Governor Carol?

The good news is that it doesn't sound like they have any intention of repeating the drawn-out search that was so annoying in season 2. Glenn Mazzara says,

What really happened will continue to play out. I can promise that we don't tease out mysteries in a frustrating way. People will have answers moving forward for certain things. It's part of a larger storyline that will be wrapped up in the first part of the season.

Here is my crazy, probably-wrong theory: Carol made it out alive, and somehow left the prison grounds. When Daryl and Maggie are out looking for formula (as teased here), they'll run into trouble -- and out of nowhere, Carol will save them.

Okay, your turn: what do you think happened to Carol?

Image via AMC

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