Anderson Cooper Interviews Honey Boo Boo's Pig & No Wonder His Show Has Been Canceled (VIDEO)

anderson cooper pigWell if Hurricane Sandy didn't bring about the end of civilization in New York City, maybe this will: Anderson Cooper welcomed Honey Boo Boo's pet pig Glitzy as a guest on his Anderson Live show.

As Anderson explained, poor Honey Boo Boo had to give her pig away to a farm when it turned out to be too unruly even for the Thompson family to handle. (Don't worry, she got a chicken as a replacement.) But I guess Anderson was concerned that Glitzy might get turned into bacon, so the show hunted down the pig and actually housed it during Hurricane Sandy so it could be trotted out on the show this week. And by the way. Does the sight of respected journalist Anderson Cooper cradling a pig on national TV with Nancy Grace by his side make you thoroughly relieved that Anderson Live has been cancelled?


Oh Anderson. You are better than this! Remember when you reported from the tattered remains of post-Katrina New Orleans? Man, you were amazing then! I know you're trying to expand your brand, or whatever they're calling it these days. And it gets boring to be serious all the time. I get that! Hey, look what I'm doing for a living -- it's fun! But then, I'm not a serious journalist.

Let's take a walk down Anderson Live memory lane. For example, the time you brought out Meow the obese cat. That time you had a turtle on your show. (Dude, you use to be about SAVING turtles!) Chad ripping up a phone book. Renelians. Freakin' CUPS.

What did you producers do, throw darts at the Daily Mail every morning to decide what you'd be covering? That's MY GAME. (Okay, not really, don't tell my editors I said that.) Anyway, my point is, maybe this is just for the best. Maybe we just want a little more substance from our Anderson Cooper. That's okay, right? And hey, you still have RidicuList.

Do you think the cancellation of Anderson Live is a mercy killing?


Image via Anderson Live/TeddyHilton

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