5 'Teen Moms' Who Aren't Afraid to Show a Little Skin (PHOTOS)

Lindsay Mannering | Nov 6, 2012 TV
5 'Teen Moms' Who Aren't Afraid to Show a Little Skin (PHOTOS)

kailyn lowryEven though these Teen Moms have little ones at home, it doesn't mean they have to stay covered from head to toe at all times in order to earn some respect. These young ladies aren't shy about showing a little skin despite having given birth just a year or two earlier. Whether they're at the beach, bopping around town, or uploading half-naked pics to social media outlets, these 5 Teen Moms have great bods, and they want you to know alllllll about it.

  • Kailyn Lowry


    Photo via Twitter

    Kailyn Lowry was on a mission to get more fit this summer and posted her progress one week in. She's literally wearing an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Love.

  • Jenelle Evans


    Photo via Twitter

    If you know anything about Jenelle Evans, you know she's no stranger to half-naked and, in some cases, totally naked pics on the Internet. Looks like she's learning a lesson, though (kind of) ... Jenelle just posted this pic of herself in sweats, but, uh, it included a little pop-out surprise.

  • Maci Bookout


    Photo via Twitter

    Maci was on spring break with some friends earlier this year and seemed to have a grand old time in Daytona Beach, Florida. Lookin' good, Mace!

  • Leah Messer


    Photo via Splash News

    Leah Messer may have had twins and now has one on the way, but she's not shy about wearing a two-piece. She took her girls to an Orlando water park this summer and looked great.

  • Farrah Abraham


    Photo via Splash News

    Farrah's gotten a boob job and, most recently, a face job. No matter what she's had done, Farrah looks great in a bathing suit ... and those shorts are really cute, too.

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