I Took That Dare -- And Nearly Left in an Ambulance! (VIDEO)

FlickrAn actual scene from "I'll Take That Dare." NOT!I'll do just about anything for our CafeMom Studios series, "I'll Take That Dare."

From wearing a Forever Lazy in public to flying on a trapeze, I've taken some pretty crazy dares -- but I came dangerously close to leaving this one in an ambulance ...


Can you believe what happened? Who would have thought being a mascot could be so DANGEROUS?!

But I'm telling you, that outfit was HOT. And not in a good way!

I'm not sure why the designer of that bee head thought the wearer of the costume wouldn't need to breathe much. I mean, why is it that some of these costumes only have vents in the eyes? I wish you could have seen me inside that costume at times, with my mouth pushed up against one of the eyeholes, sucking up any air I could get.

It was a definite low point for me!

Another mascot at that event told me that some costumes come with a built-in fan, but he advised against renting one that had that feature. He said he'd worn dozens over the years, and not one of the fans ever worked.

I made it through this dare -- barely -- and since I'm shooting season 4 starting on Friday, I have three words for all of you:


Would you take this dare in 90+ degree weather?


Image via State Records NSW/Flickr

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