'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Wants Another Tattoo

kailyn lowryTeen Mom Kailyn Lowry loves tattoos. She's got some sort of fairytale scene that takes up her entire back, she's got a puzzle piece on the inside of one wrist, hearts on the inside of the other along with an infinity sign, the quote "pride before pity" on her collarbone, a mermaid on her forearm, and a giant dream catcher on her thigh. All that aside, Kailyn still wants more. The mother of one and engaged bride-to-be tweeted on last week that she wants to be tattooed by famous inker, Matteo Pasqualin.

And what, exactly, is Mr. Pasqualin so talented at tattooing?

Extremely life-like portraits and scenes in both black and white and color. The Italian artist has over 5,500 people subscribed to his Facebook page and it's evident from the photos of his work that he's highly skilled. Some of the tattoos he's done look like they belong in a Roman chapel, or something -- they're just that beautiful.
After looking through his online portfolio, it's easy to see why Kailyn's dreaming of getting inked by Matteo one day. Maybe she could get her son's face tattooed on her forearm -- Rob Kardashian has his father's face tattooed on his forearm, and fellow Teen Mom Amber Portwood got her daughter's face inked on her stomach.
If she's not looking to get a portrait of a loved one permanently etched into her skin, maybe Kailyn would consider getting the Viacom building tattooed on her person, or the Teen Mom logo, or maybe the names of producers Morgan J. Freeman and/or Liz Gateley. After all, it's MTV that's given her the paycheck that's paying for all these tats. Maybe they deserve some recognition?
But if you ask me, I think she should go with this fish of Matteo's. It's so awesome.
What do you think Kailyn should get?

Photo via KaiLowry/Twitter
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