'Homeland' Recap: Big Brother Is Watching

Homeland is one of the greatest shows currently on television because, let's be honest, the stuff that goes on feels like it could really be happening. Heck, it probably is happening -- the plot twists, pivots, double-crossing and cover-ups make it feel as though this could be a reality show.

In this episode of Homeland, Season Two, Episode six, I'm confused and amazed -- not only by the plot turns and Carrie's continued love for Brody -- but by all of the high-tech surveillance that's used throughout the show.

Seems as though Big Brother is, indeed, watching.


Last week we learned that Brody had been "flipped" from being an agent for known terrorist Abu Nazir into becoming a double agent working for the CIA. Time will tell if Brody has actually been flipped to work for the US Government; my vote is a firm "no."

Interestingly, working for the CIA means that Brody is now being watched again -- legally this time! This is very different than season one when Carrie was watching him ... and it's kind-of shocking to see what the good guys have up their sleeves.

The war room of the CIA headquarters is set up to watch pretty much any one at any time. We learn this as we watch Roya -- a known contact of Nazir's -- meet with another contact in a busy area of Washington, DC. When the two terrorists have their meeting, the CIA quickly scrambles to use facial identification software to determine the identity of Roya's contact. Of course, this fails because those darn expensive and stylish shades hinder the facial recognition process.

Luckily (*wink*) the CIA also has eyes on the ground and they move in -- but since the meeting is taking place by a waterfall the conversation is almost indecipherable.

Soon, the two part ways and the eyes in the sky follow the guy down into the subway, where he evaporates into thin air ... okay, not really, but they lose him like BAM! So the second terrorist's identity remains safe ... for now.

This further confuses me! With such sophisticated technology, how does the guy, being watched by twenty people, lose a tail so quickly?

It's time to call in an expert -- Brody -- who claims that he also cannot identify the guy. Quinn and Carrie play another round of good cop/bad cop with Brody, each suspicious of the other's motives, which makes sense. I'm suspicious of each of them, too, although that's probably how it is supposed to be.

It is also why we all keep watching Homeland, glued to the screen, riveted and befuddled as the plot turns.

And why I'll be hoping like hell NEVER to get on the CIA's radar. Big Brother is, in fact, always watching. Hopefully, though, they are not watching me.

Does the idea of Big Brother watching scare you? Do you watch Homeland?


Image via Kent Smith/Showtime

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