Snooki & Crew Show Hurricane Sandy Victims Some Big 'Jersey Shore' Love

snooki donationI don't know about you, but when Hurricane Sandy wiped out the real Jersey Shore I couldn't help wondering about the reality TV Jersey Shore crew. I was pretty sure they were all fine. But were they giving back to the community that made them famous?

Of course they are. This weekend Snooki tweeted a photo of her big ol' pile of clothing donations. Hello, thirteen bags' worth! And NOT tank tops and leopard print spandex, either, thank you very much. "It's actually a lot of sweat pants, zip ups and track suits of mine," Snooki told a mocking hater via Twitter. Go Snook! What have the rest of you meatballs got?


Well, Roger has been jet skiing around Tom's River looking for stranded victims. Um... that kind of looks more like fun, but all right. Can you imagine being rescued by a Jersey Shore cast member? Crazy.

Actually, the whole Jersey Shore cast has been releasing statements, calling the storm "devastating," offering their thoughts and prayers to everyone affected, and offering their support. The crew has been calling on their fans to donate to relief efforts. You'd better believe they are! That's some true-blue Jersey loyalty.

And if ever there's a good time for people to use their celebrity for good, this is one. Snooki showing off her 13 bags of donated clothing is her way of goading her fans into doing the same. I know I feel more inspired to give when I know other people are contributing, too. So good on the Jersey Shore kids for supporting Sandy relief efforts!

Do you think celebs have a special responsibility to use their fame for good?


Image via @Snooki/Twitter


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