'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 5 Premiere Recap: New Girl Kenya Moore Is Trouble

Kenya MooreOh it was good to be back in the ATL where there's never worry of a drama drought. True to their nature, the ladies brought it again tonight during the Season 5 premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Out of the gate, we saw NeNe Leakes trying to work things out with her ex Gregg, who may not be her ex any longer. "Of course Gregg wants me back," she declared, but said he's going to have to work for it -- that should be interesting to watch. Then she was off to L.A. for a fabulous, intimate lunch with Hollywood icon, Ryan Murphy. NeNe has done well for herself to say the least. But she still couldn't help but getting in a dig about Kim Zolciak and her being from a trailer park, so you know that feud is still brewing.

Of course, NOTHING Kim does is without drama, so the fact that she's pregnant AGAIN and about to be homeless is no surprise. What is surprising -- the $101,000 estimate it would take to pack and move the contents of her mega mansion. Does she have that many wigs?


Kandi Burruss is in love with her new man and her crazy new mansion ... or mansions. The two side-by-side houses were a bit bizarre, but she seems happy, so that's all good. Phaedra Parks is expanding her funeral business to take on pets, and is always good for some hilarious one liners.

But it was new girl Kenya Moore who really started things off with a bang. In her opening credit she says, "I won Miss USA, not Miss Congeniality," and she doesn't seem to have any congeniality aspirations either. She came off as vain, self-involved, arrogant, and full of herself. And if any of those terms are redundant, that's because so was she.

When Cynthia Bailey was hosting auditions at her modeling school for Jet magazine's "Beauty of the Week," she asked Kenya to come judge ... and then regretted that decision greatly. While it was true that some of the women auditioning made you wonder what they were thinking, Kenya actually asked at least one of them, "Why are you here?" Out loud. She asked another if she'd seen her in magazines, and when the girl was stumped and started to look around for help, Kenya snapped, “I'm the one who asked you the question. Look at me.”

When another strutted in with a skimpy bikini, Kenya couldn't yell "coochie crack" enough times, and even had the gall to point out to the girl that she hadn't shaved. Was the girl inappropriate? Absolutely. But Kenya was so inappropriate she made her look good, and Cynthia was mortified in front of Jet's people.

When Cynthia's assistant tried to say a few words to Kendra she freaked the hell out and called her security ... which she says she always travels with because she's "a public figure."

Then she went on to totally try to take over Cynthia's audition, and criticized her when she was talking. There's a war a brewing between those two for sure as Kenya speculated that Cynthia was intimidated by her, and Cynthia was just outright pissed. "If Kenya’s coming for me, I’m coming for Kenya." Can't wait to see it.

Previews look intense, and we still have one more new RHOA lady to meet that's being thrown into the mix -- Porsha Stewart. Welcome back ATL.

Do you think Kenya Moore is going to be trouble on this season?


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