'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Criminal Background Is Going to Haunt Her This Season

Jenelle Evans mugshotBoy oh boy does the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 look like it will be a doozy. We're supposed to get a look at at least one of Jenelle Evans' arrests (isn't it sad that we have to say "one of" about her arrests?) on camera, and possibly more. Talk about a bad past you can't escape!

Love them or hate them, you have to feel at least a twinge of sympathy for the stars of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. Most of us go through hard times now and again, and we get past them. But Jenelle and her co-stars suffer through the rough stuff three times over.


First they deal with the actual problem -- in Jenelle's case getting arrested again and again and again (and again and ... you get the picture). That's bad enough. 

THEN they have to deal with the public judgment when the tabloids get hold of the news. Granted, it's often warranted judgment, but still, not something us regular Janes and Joes have to deal with.

And then, after that double whammy, out comes the actual season of their show, which was shot as much as a year ago, and wham-o. They've got to relive the whole thing, both by watching their own foibles play out on a TV screen and by having a raft of criticism sent their way once again.

The whole thing gets extra confusing when we, the watchers, struggle with the timing. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether this is new news that we're seeing onscreen or something we heard about months ago. I understand MTV gets a lot of footage, and they have a whole lot of editing to do before they can get the show from the Teen Moms' homes to our living rooms, but they could at least give us some clues. Maybe a date stamp on certain scenes?

Of course, with Jenelle it's a wee bit more complicated than most with her lengthy arrest record. But I do feel for the poor girl; she may be trying to put it behind her, but the show is making that impossible. Her arrest for an alleged probation violation after she tested positive for weed and opiates -- which will be on the show for sure -- happened in August 2011. That's more than a year ago!

What do you think of how Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 drag up past wrongs for the stars to relive?

Image via Brunswick County Police Dept.

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