Official ‘Teen Mom 3′ Cast Is Full of Drama Already

Katie Yeager
Katie Yeager
It’s official. Well, as close to official as you can get without being official anyway. The Teen Mom 3 cast has been revealed! And you can thank Mackenzie Douthit for spilling the beans.

The 16 & Pregnant star was on the list of rumored castmembers already, and last night she tweeted a photo lifted from In Touch magazine of four different girls who have appeared on 16 & Pregnant, including herself. Paired with the comment “here we are:) … #teenmom3,” it’s almost as official as MTV actually announcing the cast. So who are these girls?


Let’s recap, shall we?

Mackenzie Douthit: Looking for the next Maci Bookout? Here she is, the girl who confirmed the cast rumors. A cheerleader dating a bull-rider, Mackenzie wasn’t using birth control when she got pregnant because she didn’t want to gain weight. Fast forward to after the birth of son Gannon, who was nearly 10 pounds, and she’s one of the rare teen moms who is still with her baby’s father, Josh McKee. Fortunately, she says she now has an IUD, but we can expect some doozies out of this bunch for sure.

Katie Yeager: Katie and boyfriend Joey Maes seemed like a young family who might make it on 16 & Pregnant. They had serious financial struggles, but Joey was working to support Katie and their daughter Molli. Rumor has it the two have since split, so this could be similar to the Leah and Corey storyline from Teen Mom 2 in reverse: it’s Joey who supposedly cheated. Bring on the drama!

Briana DeJesus: This could be the most impactful story of the bunch in the way that Tyler and Catelynn have shown an alternative life to American teens. Briana has a twin sister Brittany who also got pregnant as a teen, but where Brittany decided to have an abortion, Briana decided to give birth to daughter Nova. Now we’ll get to see how the two different decisions affect the two sisters especially as Briana deals with her loser ex, Devoin, who hasn’t done much for his daughter.

Alex Sekella: We saw this dancer seriously consider adoption during her episode of 16 & Pregnant, to the point where it appeared she might go through with it. But she ended up keeping daughter Arabella, and these days she claims to be done with Matt, the boyfriend who was on probation when she got pregnant. Matt, by the way, didn’t even show up for his child’s birth. This could make for some interesting TV, huh?

Which of the Teen Moms from the new cast are you looking forward to watching?

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