Shocking ‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Say Goodbye to … (VIDEO)

Walking Dead

It’s not a spoiler if I tell you that something bad is going to happen to one of the folks on The Walking Dead, right? I mean, that sure seems like a no-shitter to me — this isn’t called The Walking Don’t Worry, All the Survivors Are Totally Going to Be Just Fine, Especially When You Consider How Great Everything’s Been Going So Far — but I’ve got some major details about the shockers to come in tonight’s episode. If you’d like to avoid any and all discussion about episode 4, this is your official SPOILER WARNING and stern instruction to click away now.


Still there? Okay, let’s talk about some of the news that’s floating around Spoilerville:

First, the official AMC synopsis for the show:

Lives are endangered when the group gets separated, while in Woodbury, Merle makes an appeal to the Governor.

Hmm, do you think this means Merle will start turning against the Governor in an attempt to save his brother? But what about the group getting separated, what’s that all about? Let’s take a look at the sneak peek for Sunday’s show:

It took me a while to suss out what’s happening here, but it looks like the survivors are freaking out because the noise of the siren is attracting walkers. If all those walkers approach the fence at once, will they have the strength to push it over? I’m thinking yes.

As for the “endangered” part, Norman Reedus (Daryl) dropped a major clue when talking to reporters recently:

We just watched Episode 4, as a group, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, even though these were people who were there while we were filming it, all day, over and over again.

You guys, someone’s not going to survive. Or someones, because according to, TWO characters are going to die during this episode. They don’t say who it is, but they put up a poll that reportedly includes the two names: Merle, Rick, Daryl, Axel, Lori, Carol, Maggie, Glenn, Carl, The Governor, T-Dog, Andrea, Lori’s baby, and Michonne. (Interesting that Hershel isn’t on the list, isn’t it?)

The episode is titled “The Killer Within,” which might be another big hint. Take a look at this second sneak peek:

So … it looks like someone let the prison yard gate open? And that same someone set off the sirens? “The killer within” might be one of the prisoners, then?

I know how things played out in the comics, but since the show has been forging fresh territory I’m not sure who might be on the chopping block. I feel like it’s unlikely to be Rick, Lori, The Governor, Lori’s baby, Carl, or Michonne, since those characters offer so much potential in terms of story to come — but who knows? Everyone’s technically up for grabs. As Reedus added in his interview,

It’s not one of those shows where there are three people in an office that you know are going to be there until the season ends. Anyone could go, at any time, just like in the real world that we’re trying to play in. It’s fascinating to watch.

What are your guesses for the two characters rumored to die during episode 4?


Image via AMC

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