'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Is Ready to Take Her Husband's Last Name

Kailyn LowryTeen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry seems like she couldn't be happier since getting engaged to boyfriend Javi Marroquin. Between wedding planning and going to school to be a dental assistant, it seems to be falling into place for the reality show star. So it's no wonder she's been so open with fans about exciting, positive changes in her life. Sounds like one of those big changes is bound to be ... her last name. Yep, soon we'll be kissing Kailyn Lowry goodbye, and saying hello to Kailyn Marroquin.

In a recent Q&A session she told a curious fan, "I’m in a dental program! Hopefully one day I’ll be Dr. Marroquin." Oooh, definitely has a nice ring to it! But there are sure to be those who are taken aback by the MTV star changing her now famous moniker.


After all, she did star in a pretty popular reality show with the last name, and you could argue she established her "brand" under Lowry. So it may seem to follow that she would keep Lowry -- at least professionally, much like the way Jessica Biel plans to go about her name change (going by Timberlake personally but Biel professionally).

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But on the other hand, Kailyn is starting a whole new career path. It doesn't sound like she plans to pursue a path in showbiz like some of her fellow TMs (Farrah Abraham or Maci Bookout), so it's not as though she'd be starting over with a new last name in an already established career. Instead, she'll likely be starting out as Kailyn Marroquin in her new field.

Ultimately, deciding whether or not to change your last name and how you go about it is a completely individual choice. When I get married next spring, I plan to keep my maiden name as a "nom de plume" (pen name) and take my fiance's name legally. Sure, there are arguments against that, and maybe I'll experience some of the "cons" about that arrangement, but for me, it's what makes the most sense personally -- and professionally. That's what it should boil down to for every woman. Not what society says to do -- or not to.

How do you feel about Kailyn's name change? How did you or you plan to handle changing or not changing your name?

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