'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's New BFF Is Another 'Teen Mom'!

Farrah Abraham Chelsea HouskaIt looks like Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has made a new friend! And when you consider her track record of fighting with other reality stars, the Teen Mom's new bestie is a tad on the surprising side. Her name? Chelsea Houska. As in Chelsea Houska of Teen Mom 2.

The Midwestern girls got a night out without their daughters, and they seem to have really hit it off. Chelsea posted this photo (at right) to Twitter, giving Farrah a shout-out as "my giiiiirl." Now THIS is a friendship that needs to keep going. 


Farrah has her haters, but if we're going to talk about friendships among the reality stars, this seems like the biggest win-win.

Let's face it: Farrah needs friends. She is a single mom who lost the guy she loved in a pretty traumatic way. She's got a rough relationship with her parents, and she doesn't seem to have a lot of people close to her ... aside from her toddler daughter.

Farrah can sometimes come off as cold and angry, but look a little closer. This is a girl who could use someone to listen to her, to let her lean on instead of trying to be such a tough girl all the time!

And then there's Chelsea. I have really come to like her over the years I've seen her on TV. She's trying to do her best with little Aubree, she's trying to grow up and not have to depend on her dad all the time. But she's got a jerk of an ex-boyfriend who she has had a lot of trouble shaking, and she's still trying to figure out how to work and parent at the same time.

She could use Farrah's strong example of making it without a man. Not to mention Farrah's various business ventures make her a good role model for any of the other Teen Moms who are trying to figure out how to stand on their own and provide for their kids.

What do you think of these two hanging out? Could there be a better pairing among the Teen Moms?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Twitter

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