'Revenge' Recap: Emily's Mother Reveals Her Big Secret

emily forgivenessAt last! Emily comes face to face with her mother. But after all the hunting and waiting, this is not the joyful reunion she'd hoped for. Emily remembers her mother drowning her -- and her father rescuing her. Now Emily realizes why her mother disappeared and why her father told her she'd died. But now that Kara is back, can Emily forgive her mother?

Maybe she needs to hear Kara's side of the story first. 

Meanwhile, Aiden is on Nolan's trail and Emily is struggling to protect her friend. Amanda pulls out of her coma -- already?!? And an old, snooping, bow-tied blast from the past rolls in asking way too many questions, as usual.


Okay, what's with the super-short coma? As a plot device that just seemed weirdly short. Shouldn't it have lasted at least a full episode? ANYWAY, Emily gets to meet her mother again without revealing her true identity. It's a sad, mistrustful meeting after all this time, for both of them. Kara is disappointed that Fauxmanda doesn't recognize her. As an aside -- I just love Jennifer Jason Leigh as Kara! She has the right dark, moody, rueful look.

Kara's moment later with Fauxmanda, Emily listening just outside the door, is bittersweet. Kara's big secret is that she was mentally ill. She doesn't come out and admit that she drowned her daughter -- just that she was very ill, not in control of her actions, and that she and David agreed she would disappear (commit herself to an institution, I'm assuming) and he would tell Emily she'd died. Kara asks for Amanda's forgiveness, and Amanda gives it to her -- but is Kara telling the truth about her mental illness? Emily cries outside, listening in the hallway. She wants to forgive -- but that goes against her training. Her heart is breaking either way. 

Maybe that's why she confesses to Amanda that she lied about Jack being the father of baby Carl. Wow, good for Emily! Maybe that's the innate goodness Kara said she'd seen in her young daughter ... unless Emily has some other ulterior motive for wanting Amanda to know the truth? You never know with Emily.

Meanwhile, I'm a little confused about what's going on with Padma, Nolan, Aiden, and Daniel. Padma inquires after David Clark's contract with Grayson Global because she says Nolcorp was an investor. But Daniel knows Nolcorp was never an investor and that makes him suspicious. Aiden is also sniffing out Nolan. He approaches Daniel as Mr. Takeda's representative and offers some insight into Padma's query -- while he was under contract with Grayson, David invested in Nolcorp as part of his venture capital fund. And that means Grayson Global may have a controlling interest in Nolcorp. Which means Aiden may try to help Daniel screw with Nolan! Why?

That's one fire Emily will need to put out. Another one? Mason Treadwell showing up when he hears Amanda revived from her coma and Kara returned from the dead. He just happens to notice Amanda is missing a scar she should have from a long-ago fire. And he confronts Amanda about it while Emily is away. She bluffs as well as she can, but he's got her. He drops off a file, which I can only assume contains some blackmail-ish proof Fauxmanda is, well, faux. 

Oh, did you see? Conrad asked Victoria to re-marry him! Because then they can't testify against each other. He's so romantic.

Do you think Kara is telling the truth -- and should Emily trust her?


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