'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Is Kidding Herself if She Thinks She Can Be Friends With Her Ex

Maci Bookout Kyle KingMaci Bookout's crazy dating year is finally starting to make sense y'all! And when I say crazy, I do mean crazy. Have you been able to keep everything that's happened with the Teen Mom straight?

Here, let me help. The Teen Mom was living with boyfriend Kyle King until all of a sudden she wasn't. Then she was dating Kyle Regal until, wait, no! She went back to Kyle King! And then just as soon as that relationship was back on track, it was over ... until this past week when Maci tweeted a whole bunch of photos of the two in Vegas. And now she's tweeting plans to get together with Regal?

What the heck does this girl have in mind? Easy: she thinks you should be friends with your ex.


Or should I say Maci thinks you CAN be friends with your ex?

It was actually Kyle Regal (can you keep those Kyles straight?) who first tweeted a response to all the rumors about who Maci was dating:

you can be friends with someone after u date someone... relax ppl

That got a retweet from Maci and a big "thank uuuuu!!"

In other words, she agrees. But does anyone else?

I've always held to the theory that it's sex that draws the line between exes you can still be friends with and those you can't. If you've never been between the sheets, you probably can cobble a friendship back together. If you've bumped pelvises, on the other hand, well, things get complicated.

Just look at Maci and Kyle. Um, Kyle King that is. Considering they lived together, I think it's pretty safe to assume they were "doing it." Maybe not, but come on, pretty safe assumption, right?

Now just look at their messed up relationship! They're friends! No, they're dating! No! Yes! No!

These two don't seem to have a clue which end is up. They're trying to be friends, but they keep falling back into old habits. Something tells me that's the way it will always be, at least until they stop trying to be friends. 

Do you think you can be friends with an ex? What about Maci and her Kyles?


Image via MTV

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