'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Bashes Farrah Abraham for 'Insane' Plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham and Jenelle EvansSurprise surprise: Jenelle Evans has an opinion on the recent decisions of fellow Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham. If you're out of the loop, Farrah spent $16,000 to better her appearance with a nose job and chin implant. Jenelle's take on the sitch? "Only 21 years old and went under 3 plastic surgeries already?! That's insane if you ask me!"

Listen, I'm partly with Jenelle on this one. Getting three plastic surgeries at this young age, well, that's no joke. But Farrah told In Touch that she's "hated her nose since she was 13," and E! News that she feels "more judged" being in front of the camera. Upsetting to hear her reasoning? Of course.

If this is what Farrah wanted, though, can we REALLY blame her?


People get plastic surgery for different reasons. I have a few friends who have gotten nose jobs, and afterward, they were more confident and much happier with their appearance. I'm definitely not saying that everyone who has a small itty issue with their schnoz should do it, and definitely NOT without really giving it some long and hard thought. However, if it's something that REALLY affects the way a person perceives themselves, then -- they are entitled.

With that said, I'm a little unsure why Farrah went under the knife knowing that she REALLY wanted to change her nose, and well, it pretty much looks the same. She told In Touch that she's happy with the results. For that price tag, I just hope that she means it.

What do you think about Farrah's new look? Do you agree with Jenelle?


Images via MTV

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