Jef Holm's Tell-All Book Could Totally Set the Record Straight

Emily Maynard cheatingWhen Jef Holm and Emily Maynard announced their split -- two thoughts immediately came to mind. One? Oh my God my life is over. And two? I cannot WAIT until Jef spills the dirt on this relationship.

Well, just the other day, rumors spread like wildfire that Jef was in fact shopping around a tell-all -- and you can imagine my excitement. Will we finally be able to hear the truth about Emily's cheating scandal? Did she really sleep with Arie in the fantasy suite?

Is the suspense killing you, too? Well, wait no longer because Jef came clean about this alleged tell-all -- and I think you'll be pretty surprised by what he had to say...


Jef tweeted:

"Read my ‘explosive tell all’ here," next to a photo of an obese cat. "You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow. Tabloids are so stupid. Get real."

First of all, Jef -- enough with the cat references. It makes me judge you. And second of all -- way to rain on my parade. I was hoping for a juicy tabloid spread that would put Emily in her place once and for all. I mean, we could really use a behind-the-scenes from The Bachelor book anyway -- how has nobody written one yet?

Jef needs to get on this ASAP. If not for the money, for his pride. He's been making himself look like a lovesick puppy for the past few months. Emily practically had the man on a leash. And I get it, he was in love. But still, man up!

Do you think Jef should write a tell-all book? Would you read it?

Image via ABC

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