A Maci Bookout Talk Show Is Exactly What Young Women Need

Maci Bookout 'Teen Mom'We have yet to see any spin-off shows based on the original stars of the majorly successful Teen Mom franchise, but that doesn't mean they're not in the works. Word on the street is that Maci Bookout may land her own spin-off, which I'd watch the hell out of. Apparently the Teen Mom has a little something else in mind, though. A source tells Reality Weekly that Maci wants her own talk show. "She has been talking to the people at MTV because she wants to become an on-camera host."

Um, YES please! OK, maybe she's not the next Oprah, but I think Maci and her talk show would be ridiculously successful. Don't you agree?


First off, people love Teen Mom. Teen pregnancy may be at an all-time low across the United States, but that doesn't mean pregnant teens don't look up to the MTV stars as role models. Maci has been through pregnancy at an early age, she's easy to relate to, and there's no doubt in my mind she has a lot of insight that a lot of women would love to hear.

Of course, I'd love to see Maci talk about other things aside from teen pregnancy. She's young, she's "with it," and I think she'd be so much fun to watch alongside someone like Justin Bieber (don't get jealous, Selena) or even Snooki. They could talk about their little boys and their shared love for a weeknight cocktail.

Plus, she has a super sweet personality. Maci's a sweet girl, likes to get out and have fun, and heck -- it doesn't hurt that she's easy on the eyes, either. Isn't that half the battle of being on TV these days anyway?

While I'm not sure the whole talk show thing will actually work out -- I could definitely see her doing correspondent work for MTV. Too bad the days of TRL are long gone, eh?

Do you think Maci would be a great talk show host?


Image via MTV

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