'Jersey Shore' Recap: Mike Needs to Give Snooki a Real Apology Not a Stroller

SnookiWhen news came that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was headed to rehab, I really wondered if he might emerge as a more likable guy. Perhaps the drugs and alcohol were responsible for his boorish, annoying behavior we've seen year after year on Jersey Shore; he deserved at least some benefit of the doubt. Now that we're more than halfway through the show's final season, however, I think it's safe to call it -- a sober Mike is just as much of a douche as the one on drugs.

At least he's a healthier one now, but did he really think that buying Snooki a fancy baby stroller was going to make her forgive him? She's been holding an understandable grudge against him ever since he blabbed to everyone including Jionni that Snooki had cheated on Jionni with him. A baby gift doesn't make up for something like that. 


Regardless if she did or not, it was a low thing to do. And besides the big group apology he gave at the beginning of the season, he hasn't manned up and owned his actions. And he needs to.

So when Snooki's response to his gift was, "How do I say, thanks, but you’re a douche," I didn't blame her. Even with a wine holder, the stroller wasn't enough.

His douchiness continued with his whole move to make Paula his official girlfriend, which he seems to consider the greatest honor anyone could receive. It was sweet that he wanted to ask her in a special way, but that t-shirt with "Let's Make It Official" was just arrogant, annoying, and plain awful. As was his declaration to the cameras, "Hearts are breaking across the nation. The Situation is off the market. Check back later." Please.

Then to make the big reveal, he took her to a restaurant with all of his roommates. They got their own table, but that just made it even cheesier and more ridiculous. The worst part was that the second he did it and she said yes to whatever being official means, he started finding fault with everything she did.

From even daring to speak of kids and marriage in the future to declaring they could have "sex on the reg," her every little move annoyed him. He said she changed immediately and made some asinine analogy about her being like cheese pizza that has had some pepperoni added (who doesn't like pepperoni?!).

It will be interesting to see how long they last, as it will be to see if Mike actually steps up and apologizes to Snooki. It would be nice if he did, because that was a pretty cool stroller. It would be a shame to see it go to waste.

Do you think Mike owes Snooki an apology?

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